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Season 2, Episode 6November 5, 2007Tasha informs Melanie she has one month to find a new place to live; and Melanie makes Derwin think she slept with Malik.

Elsewhere, Jason's steroid use causes trouble in the bedroom.

See full summary » Based on Carl Weber's New York Times Best Seller entitled 'The Preacher's Son', Bishop T. Wilson, his wife & two children are a respectable family in their community; Yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations & their son Dante has thoughts other than taking over his fathers church and a new love thats going to test the strength of the Wilson family.

I don’t mean that Tuesday’s episode was a bust — I loved it — but the cameos by ex-boyfriends and name dropping of ex-jump offs gave the episode a nostalgic flavor.

So, in essence she sacrificed her dreams to move across the country to be cheated on.

Melanie was completely dependent upon Derwin financially so when they broke up her world crashed before she could pick it up.

Melanie sacrificed her dreams of going to John Hopkins Medical School to move to San Diego and support Derwin.

After finding out that Derwin cheated on her with Drew Sidora, Melanie ended up breaking up with him.

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1) Don’t Sacrifice Your Dreams I learned to never sacrifice my dreams for a relationship because that doesn’t guarantee that the relationship will last.

Meanwhile, Jason is worried he will get cut after the team is sold and a new coach (Lee Majors), who helmed Derwin's college team, is brought in.

Season 2, Episode 3October 15, 2007Malik's girlfriend, Renee, is shocked to learn that Malik still lives with his mother, and Renee refuses to be intimate with him until he gets a place of his own.

Season 2, Episode 1October 1, 2007Melanie breaks up with Derwin after learning that he cheated on her. Also, Malik is constantly followed by plus-size women after it's revealed that he prefers them.

Derwin apologizes, but Melanie isn't interested. Season 2, Episode 2October 8, 2007Trey offers Melanie financial help and a place to live.

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