Leo dating a capricorn gotquestions dating

These planets are the ones visible at night, such as Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and others, and depending on their alignment and movement they can affect many changes according to Astrological dogma.As the Earth rotates, and the planets travel on their own celestial paths around the sun and astrologers study their alignment and predict how these paths will unfold.As Mercury turns retrograde in an adventurous part of your chart, there is an opportunity to make up for lost time.

While you obviously enjoy time with one another and you’re very compatible in the bedroom, you may only see one another a few times a month. For this article, we’re going to assume that the word “dating” implies an intention to spend time with someone with the ultimate goal of forming a close, romantic bond.

Several things have changed since then, not the least of which is readily available birth control.

Today, people are marrying later in life and less frequently and allowing more room to explore sexuality before marriage.

With Mercury retrograde from 13 August - 05 September, misinformation, misunderstandings and communication problems are more likely so take your time with important documents, paperwork and travel plans and resist the temptation to cut corners or act on incomplete data, hearsay or rumour.

With the Sun, Mars and a North Node solar eclipse in Leo, the summer could be an important time for you financially.

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