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One of my favorite classes, the one I remember the most, was Algorithms.I always told people my Algorithms class was the one part of my college education that influenced me most as a programmer. Not just fixed time, either, but literally one instantaneous step, . I always suspected that programmers became programmers because they got to play God with the little universe boxes on their desks.

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This site is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible uses of blocks.

So then perhaps we have one rule, that passwords must not be short. The primary password rule we used was also the simplest one: length.

A long password is much more likely to be secure than a short one … Since I wrote that, we've already increased our minimum password default length from 8 to 10 characters.

But many women eventually find the bullying to be too much, and leave the site.

Across the internet, trolls disproportionately target women and members of other underrepresented groups.

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