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Having come from an overweight family and having similar conversations with my parent. I then saw the lady again grabbing handfuls of chocolates in the chocolate aisle with her teen son nowhere to be seen.I remember the feeling of hopelessness when you see your parent slowly killing themselves with their diet. Excerpt: His ‘getting active’ at the beginning was ‘I go to the gym four times a week and yoga on Sundays’The truth?He spent most of the date, however, telling me about his "whore ex-girlfriend" who he walked in on having sex with another dude in their bed. (Accepting a ride was not my proudest moment, I admit) He talked the entire ride and it went from normal small talk to him saying that he has super powers....- meowdryhepurrrn He decided he wanted to go to the thrift store rather than for coffee as originally planned. The moment we got in the door, he headed straight over to the housewares section, stole a whiskey flask off the shelf, and stuck it in his pocket with a grin and a wink. He said that when he was in high school he went to an alternate dimension and couldn't find his way back.They ended up giving me a ride home, and took him to jail. I never saw him again, as he was extradited to another state for outstanding warrants. - Bewarethewulf I went on a Tinder date in January that went poorly.At the end he tried to kiss me so I dodged, tripped over a curb, and broke my fibula while falling into traffic.

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However, the combination of his lies, manipulation, and then shitty sex just… After the date, he was driving me home, did a stupid, illegal move, and got pulled over.He decided to run from the police (with me in the car).The young man, who goes by the username OKCThrowaway22221, made his profile on OKCupid using a photo of a female friend, but filled every other section in honestly (with a few pronoun switches here and there).He was about to log off and check back on the site the next day, but had already received his first message.

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